For local and long distance calling, nothing beats HTC’s  phone service. And you can add our great range of telephone features that will make your home phone more versatile, with features that include:

• Voice Mail
• Call Waiting
• Caller ID
• Call Forwarding
• Conference Calling
• Plus many additional features!

Connect to the web faster than ever before with Highland Communication’s high-speed broadband service! You’ll enjoy visiting websites with video content, download movies, play video games, take an online course and so much more. It’s yours 24/7 with our high-speed Internet service!

Digital Television
Now playing! From newly released movies to a range of channels designed to satisfy everyone’s tastes, Highland Media’s digital television will keep you tuned in to everything that today’s TV has to offer! And it’s the most reliable digital television service available!

To see a listing of our channels, click here.

Set-top User Manuals
Nova CE 4: Remote Control Guide
Cisco Explorer 640HDC, 8642HDC, 8650HDC, and 8652HDC High-Definition DVR
Cisco Explorer 4640HDC, 4642HDC, 4650HDC, and 4652HDC High-Definition

If you’re planning on building, let Highland pre-wire your home to take advantage of all that today’s telecommunication technology has to offer you. For additional information, contact one of our prewiring specialists today!