Highland Video

World-class service and entertainment, right here at home.

Highland members enjoy their rural lifestyle. There are reasons they’ve chosen to live where they do. But living in a rural area should not mean having to sacrifice entertainment options or being forced to depend on unreliable satellite service.

Television from Highland gives members the reliability you can trust — more than two dozen high-definition channels and industry-standard features like DVR service and digital music channels.

As a member-owned cooperative, Highland has provided outstanding service in Morgan and Scott counties in Tennessee and McCreary County in Kentucky for more than 50 years. With this legacy in mind, members know they can trust Highland to provide superior service.

Highland Video


23 All-Digtal Channels

Up to 7 HD channels where available
1 Basic Box


95 All-Digtal Channels

Up to 26 HD channels*** where available
1 Basic Box
1 Feature+ Box**
PLUS 50 digital music channels!


129 All-Digtal Channels

Up to 33 HD channels*** where available
2 Basic Boxes
1 Feature+ Box**
PLUS 50 digital music channels!

* Home phone service is required with all broadband and TV plans.

Couple Watching TV

Premium Channels

  • HBO (includes 9 channels)$19.95/mo
  • Cinemax (includes 9 channels)$14.25/mo
  • Showtime (includes 15 channels)$17.75/mo
  • STARZ® (includes 16 channels)$13.75/mo
  • Save more than $59/yr with the Premium Combo Pak
  • Combo Pak (includes all 4 Premium Paks)$59.95/mo

Set Top Box Additions

  • Basic Box$2.75/mo
  • Feature+ Box$11/mo
  • DVR+ Box$15/mo

To see a listing of our channels, click here.

Set-top User Manuals

Nova CE 4: Remote Control Guide
Cisco Explorer 640HDC, 8642HDC, 8650HDC, and 8652HDC High-Definition DVR
Cisco Explorer 4640HDC, 4642HDC, 4650HDC, and 4652HDC High-Definition